Night curfew in Maharashtra, only essential services allowed -Governance Now

Closed gyms, spas, wellness centers, swimming pools, beauty salons; only fully vaccinated people are allowed on public transport

With the third wave of the pandemic breaking previous records for infections, Omicron is the driving variant with the highest number of cases in the country. On Saturday, India saw a single-day rise of 1,59,632 new coronavirus cases. Maharashtra recorded 41,434 new infections and Mumbai recorded 20,318 new cases. The government imposed new restrictions in the state from January 11.

No travel of 5 or more people is authorized in groups between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. No movement of people is authorized from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., except for essential reasons.

Gyms, spas, wellness centers, swimming pools, beauty salons, amusement parks, zoos, museums, forts, other ticketing venues, general public events will remain closed.

Hair salons will operate at 50% capacity and remain closed from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. daily. Only fully vaccinated people are allowed to join the CAB.

Restaurants, eateries, malls, market complexes, cinemas, Nrityagrahs will operate at 50% capacity with only fully vaccinated people and will remain closed from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. daily. Full capacity information as well as number of visitors present must be posted, must have fast antigen booths, marshals to check strict CAB by all visitors and staff.

Only 50 people allowed in weddings, social, religious, cultural and political gatherings. No more than 20 people allowed for funeral and final rights

In government offices, no visitors are allowed except with the written permission of the heads of office. For citizens, online interaction via VC should be enabled by office managers, meeting on VC should be arranged for all participants coming from outside the same HQ campus. Work from home for employees present during office hours and stagger working hours according to the needs of managers
Private offices must operate at 50% of regular attendance, encourage telecommuting, stagger working hours and be allowed to open 24 hours in shifts. Travel for office work should be considered an essential service on the production of employee ID cards. Only fully vaccinated employees should physically report to the office and unvaccinated staff should be encouraged to get vaccinated. The safety of women working in shit must be ensured.
All offices must follow a strict CAB and maintain thermal scanners and hand sanitizers.

Schools, colleges and coaching classes will remain closed until February 15, except for administrative and other activities to be undertaken by respective school boards, departments, statutory authority or teachers.

Public transport will operate at regular times, with only fully vaccinated people allowed to board. GoI guidelines will apply to international travel.

For domestic travel by train and car, mandatory double vaccination/RTPCR test report valid for up to 72 hours after arrival in the state.

Sports competitions to be postponed. No public allowed. National and international events scheduled to have an organic bubble.

Only fully vaccinated persons are authorized to operate the transport of goods, industrial activities and construction activities
Examinations of UPSC, MPSC, Statutory Authority and Public Institutions shall be conducted as per GoI guidelines / SDMA sanction after CAB.

Services deemed essential

Medical emergencies, performing an essential service, travel to, airport, train station, bus stop with a valid ticket, staff travel for 24-hour offices, hospitals, health and medical services, veterinary services and animal care, forestry-related operations, aviation-related services, food, groceries, bakeries, cold stores and warehouses, public transportation, diplomats’ offices, pre-monsoon activities by local authorities, all utilities by local authorities, RBI and designated essential services, SEBI, stock exchange and related intermediaries, telecommunications services, transport of goods, water supply, agriculture and related services, export and import of all goods.

E-commerce is only permitted for the supply of essential goods and services, accredited media, gas pumps and petroleum-related products, all freight services, data centers, cloud, IT services, government and private security services, electricity and gas supply services, ATMs, postal services, ports and related activities, customs brokers, licensed multimodal transport operators engaged in the transport of medicines vitals, vaccines and related materials, units producing raw materials for packaging services, monsoon related materials, all banks, non-banking financial companies, insurance companies, medical companies, central government offices, local and statutory, all companies providing essential services, law firms if the operations of the courts, tribunals or commissions of inquiry are underway and any other offices designated as providing essential services by local authorities. DDMA.

Michelle J. Kelley