Amanda Bush: Filament Essential Services Benefits Administrator |

Amanda Bush: Filament Essential Services Benefits Administrator

No one can navigate the maze of rules and requirements that come with benefits administration. Plus, the idea that the job simply requires a knack for sifting through paperwork is as incomplete as the benefits renewal forms you skimmed through to meet the submission deadline. But that’s why Filament Essential Services relies on the indispensable skills of Amanda Bush. She knows the details, sure, but it’s her genuine concern for her colleagues that sets her apart.

“As a benefits administrator, Amanda is privy to highly confidential information,” said CJ Thoma, President and CEO of FES. “Employees often confide in Amanda or seek her help with extremely difficult issues. Amanda shows immense compassion and absolute confidentiality for these people. She moved heaven and earth to help our employees.

Bush, who joined the organization 22 years ago, knows a few things about the constellation of departments that make up her Filament family. After starting out in accounting, Bush jumped into payroll, then moved on to People Solutions before finally jumping headfirst into her current role in charge of People Solutions and payroll.

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“I grew up professionally in Filament’s culture of service and integrity, with strong female role models in mind,” Bush says.

Bush’s work with Filament and its employees goes beyond his relentless dedication to taking care of their benefits; his efforts have turned into selfless activities, as Filament also invests in his community. She’s helped prepare Thanksgiving meals for the Center for People in Need, battled 100+ degree heat to complete the Junior League of Lincoln’s Junior League Jog 5k, and serves on Filament’s SOCIAL committee, which uncovers and promotes service opportunities for Filament. Members of the team.

“Amanda started out as a part-time clerk,” says Thoma. “She was calm, humble, thoughtful and hardworking. She was eager to learn and showed tremendous skills at a very young age. I watched her grow into a strong and adaptable leader.

The Filament Perks superhero wears other capes when she’s not in the office. In addition to being an intrepid explorer who enthusiastically participates in Great Park Chase along with her family, Bush is an avid fencer who currently sits on the Lincoln Fencing Clubboard of directors. Since he started the sport at the age of 13, Bush has practiced fencing occasionally (although most of the time) ever since, once competing at the national level. She even met her husband, the current LFC saber coach, through the group and recently guided him through phenomenal growth.

“We moved our club into Gateway Mall last year, and our classrooms are packed,” Bush said. “It’s heartwarming to see the club growing, succeeding and providing great opportunities for local children and adults.”

Whether it’s Filament, the Lincoln Fencing Club, or her own tribe, Amanda is a tireless advocate for her families, and she brings that dedication and leadership to her work every day.

Michelle J. Kelley