Council suspends non-essential services on September 19 – Swansea Bay News

Swansea Council has announced it will suspend all non-essential services on Monday September 19 to mark the state funeral of the late Her Majesty The Queen.

The day is a public holiday and many major employers and retailers across the country have announced they will be closed for the day.

All council venues, including the Guildhall and Civic Center, as well as the Grand Theatre, libraries, museums and community centers will be closed to the public. Swansea Market will be closed.

All schools will also be closed for the day.

Monday household waste collections will be suspended. Swansea Council said all waste collections will be one day late throughout the week, meaning Mondays will be on Tuesdays, until regular Friday collections will be on Saturdays. Collections will then return to normal.

Council recycling sites will also be closed to the public on Monday, September 19.

However, essential services in social services such as residential care and home care will continue, as well as essential day care services, where necessary.

Cremations and burials scheduled for Monday will continue.

Swansea Bus Station will remain open, but individual bus operators may change their normal hours to suit the public holiday, so passengers are advised to check before planning their journeys.

All events scheduled by the council will resume this week, including this weekend’s Swansea 10k race, but all events scheduled for Monday September 19 will be suspended.

Rob Stewart, Swansea’s head of council, said: “We join the country in mourning the passing of the late HM Queen Elizabeth II.

“As a mark of respect, the council will close non-essential services on Monday September 19 to mark the funeral of the late HM The Queen and we ask the public to be aware that the vast majority of our services will be closed for the day.

“We will continue to provide essential services to ensure the protection of vulnerable people and our roads and transport services continue to operate.

“All council events in Swansea will resume this week, with the exception of next Monday, giving organizers and attendees the opportunity to plan.”

Although the Civic Center is otherwise closed, Swansea’s book of condolences will be available there for people to sign on Monday, September 19.

(Main image: Swansea Council)

Michelle J. Kelley