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Amritsar, July 26

Mayor Karamjit Singh and Municipal Commissioner Kumar Saurabh Raj held a joint meeting today with heads and deputy heads of various departments of Municipal Corporation, Amritsar at Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panorama Company Bagh, during which all development work was reviewed.

During the meeting, the mayor welcomed the newly appointed commissioner. Managers in Operation and Maintenance (O&M), Civil, Health, Water Supply and Sanitation, Municipal Planning (MTP), Property Tax, Real Estate Wing, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Municipal Solid Waste and Publicity Departments attended the meeting.

Officials were strictly ordered to provide all basic services to residents on time.

The Mayor and Commissioner questioned Superintendent Engineer Anurag Mahajan about the activities carried out by the O&M department. Mahajan said that the department is facing shortage of staff and secondly, due to the affected sewage system due to the digging of roads by various companies in their projects, the problem of contaminated water was reported, but these complaints were immediately resolved by the field and clean staff. drinking water was permanently supplied to the townspeople.

“Besides, sewer lines by list are cleaned in each area with super-vacuum machines and jetting machines so that city dwellers do not face any trouble during the rainy season,” he added.

During the meeting, the mayor said that the municipality of Amritsar had spent millions of dollars to develop roads and sewers, but the development of the city was affected by the projects of private companies. The services concerned were therefore asked to refrain from issuing certificates of non-objection to these companies.

Instructions were given to the MTP department that no illegal construction be allowed in the city and that action be taken within the framework of the law.

On the issue of temporary encroachments on Heritage Street, the Estates Department was informed that hundreds of thousands of pilgrims come daily to visit the religious and historical places in the city, but the illegal encroachments were tarnishing the image of the Municipal Corporation, whereupon the Commissioner ordered the Estate Officer to permanently remove these illegal occupations with the assistance of the Police Department as well as SGPC officials.

The mayor and commissioner have instructed the health department to keep the city’s sewage system clean. They said the work done by the sanitation staff was commendable, but more effort was needed to bring the city to the top spot in the country for cleanliness.

At the end of the meeting, the mayor and commissioner said that a separate meeting would be held for each department to review the city’s development works and asked the civil and O&M departments to prepare and submit the cases. pending for committee approval in the Finance and Contracts Committee meeting to be held in the next few days.

In today’s meeting, Co-Commissioner Deepjot Kaur, HE Anurag Mahajan, Dapinder Sandhu, Sandeep Singh, Bhalinder Singh, AE Gurpal Singh, Karan Kumar, Health Officer Dr Kiran Kumar, Dr Rama, MTP. Secretary Meharban Singh, Vishal Wadhawan, Rajinder Sharma, Daljit Singh, Realtor Dharminderjit Singh, Superintendent Loveleen Sharma, Jagjit Singh and MSW representatives were also present.

Order removal of encroachments

  • Instructions were given to the MTP department that no illegal construction be allowed in the city and that action be taken within the framework of the law.
  • Related departments urged to refrain from issuing no-objection certificates to private companies that dug roads for their projects
  • Commissioner MC ordered the estate agent to permanently remove the illegal encroachments on Heritage Street with the assistance of the police department and SGPC officials
  • The mayor and commissioner tasked the health department with keeping the city’s sanitation system clean

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Michelle J. Kelley