Essential services affected by heavy snowfall are restored on a war footing: JK admin

The administration of Jammu and Kashmir said on Wednesday that all essential services, affected by heavy snowfall, were restored to war footing for the convenience of the general public.

The plains of southern Kashmir received two to three feet of snowfall, while central Kashmir received one to 1.5 feet of snow and northern Kashmir six inches to one foot. In addition, hilly areas received two to four feet of snow, which affected normal life and services.

“All essential services are restored to war footing in the Kashmir Valley after heavy snowfall since Tuesday,” Kashmir Divisional Commissioner PK Pole said. He also called on people to be patient and support the administration to restore affected services. “The Mechanical Engineering Department has completed 70% snow clearance under Priority Phase I while PWD has cleared all roads under its purview,” he said. Pole said that except for five to six percent of the water supply lines that were affected, all other water supply systems are functional. He said the affected water supply systems will soon be restored for which men and machines have been put to work.

Regarding the electricity scenario, the Division Commissioner said that 20-25% of the power lines were affected due to snowfall. He said the divisional administration was working to restore power to the affected areas by the evening.

Pole said no casualties have been reported so far due to snowfall and all hospitals are functional while all medical and paramedical personnel are available in the hospitals to render their duties and services. He also called on people not to park their vehicles on the sides of the road so that snow removal operations are not hampered.

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Michelle J. Kelley