Essential services being restored on a war footing, electricity as much as possible in areas to be restored in the evening: Div Com

Essential services being restored on a war footing, electricity as much as possible in areas to be restored in the evening: Div Com

70% of roads cleared under priority phase I, calls on people to be patient

posted on 23 Feb 2022 | Author RK Online Office

Divisional Commissioner (Div Com) Kashmir, Pandurang K Pole today said that all essential services are being restored to war footing for the convenience of the general public.

He informed that lowland areas of South Kashmir received 2 to 3 feet of snowfall while Central Kashmir received 1 to 1.5 feet of snowfall and North Kashmir 0.5 to 1 feet in addition hilly areas received 2-4 feet of snow which affected normal life and services.

Div Com said the Mechanical Engineering Department had 70% snow removal completed under Priority Phase I while PWD was clearing all roads under its purview.

Further, Div Com advised that with the exception of 5-6% of the water supply lines which were impacted, all other water supply systems are functional. He said the affected WSSs will soon be restored for which men and machines have been put to work.

Regarding the power scenario, Div Com said that 20-25% of power lines were affected due to snowfall. He said the divisional administration was working to restore power to the affected areas by the evening.

Div Com further informed that no casualties have been reported so far due to snow and said that all hospitals are functional while all medical and paramedic personnel are available in the hospitals to perform their duties and services.

He said all essential services are being restored as a priority and on a war footing.

In the meantime, he called on the general public to be patient and support the administration in restoring affected services.

He also called on people not to park their vehicles on the roadsides so that the Mechanical Engineering Department, PWD, SMC and other departments do not face any obstacles while clearing snow.

Furthermore, he further called on people not to throw snow from their lawns onto streets or driveways as it creates hardship for people and snow removal crews.

While showing enjoyment for the snowfall, he said that snow plays a very important role for the prolific output of agriculture and horticulture which form the backbone of the economy of the valley.

He said good snowfall is also essential for irrigation canals, irrigation systems besides resurrecting our springs which ensure constant supply of clean water in various areas through WSS.

While celebrating the latest snowfall, Div Com greeted people with “Jaan Sheen Mubarak” meaning “Happy Good Snowfall”.

Michelle J. Kelley