Essential services in Caledon could be delayed due to staff shortages due to the spread of the virus

The rise of the Omicron variant is hitting all sectors of the community, including municipal services.

Many departments, such as the operations department responsible for clearing city streets and sidewalks, are currently experiencing staff shortages due to the pandemic.

“We are working on the challenges of COVID-19 affecting our employees, such as illness, isolation and caregiving, redeploying staff to areas of greatest need,” the mayor said. Allan Thompson. “We ask for the public’s patience as they may experience delays in some service areas.”

The city said it will continue to meet the demands of essential city services while experiencing these increased staff absences.

He also said provincial maintenance standards will still be met for winter maintenance of roads and sidewalks, but officials expect delays.

Residents are asked to be patient and leave enough room for the plows to pass.

In case of bad weather, the municipality advises people to stay as far as possible away from the roads. If you must drive, monitor weather and road conditions.

The city said staff continue to work tirelessly to serve citizens and comply with provincial regulations.

Officials also remind residents that customer service staff are not just utility providers, but members of the community.

Michelle J. Kelley