Fort Campbell closed for non-essential services on January 6

Fort Campbell, Kentucky – According to the weather forecast, Fort Campbell is closed on Thursday, January 6, 2022 for non-essential services. Emergency employees will stay or report as directed by their supervisor.

Employees of tenant organizations and contractors should contact their supervisor for instructions. Military personnel will be guided by their commands. Check out the Fort Campbell Facebook page,, or the Digital Garrison app for the latest information.

The TC Freeman Gate, as well as Gates 7, 10, Saber I and Saber II will remain open 24/7.

The Department of Defense educational activity schools at Fort Campbell will be closed. The police station will be closed. The Main Exchange will be closed, but the 24-hour Kentucky Express will remain open.

Follow the Blanchfield Army Community Hospital Facebook page,, for impacts on services, appointments and opening hours. Follow the Fort Campbell MWR Facebook page,, for impacts to gymnasiums, daycare centers and other MWR facilities.

Visit the Fort Campbell website at for more information as it develops.

Michelle J. Kelley