Here’s a list of ‘essential services’ under Florida’s shutdown

Published April 3, 2020|Update April 3, 2020

Under an order issued by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, which begins today, “all people in Florida must limit their movement and personal interactions outside of their home to those that are necessary to obtain or provide essential services or carry out essential activities”.

So what is an “essential” service or activity?

The list is long.

In his order, DeSantis lists a few specific ones: attending religious services in churches, synagogues and places of worship; participate in recreational activities, consistent with the principles of social distancing, such as walking, cycling, hiking, fishing, hunting, running or swimming; take care of pets; and caring for or otherwise assisting a loved one or friend.

DeSantis’ order also states that essential services include those on a list maintained by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and which MIami-Dade County has detailed in several orders issued there.

The Miami-Dade roster includes:

  • Healthcare providers, including but not limited to hospitals, doctors, dentists, urgent care centers, clinics, rehabilitation centers, physical therapists, medical professionals mental illness, therapists and pharmacists.
  • Grocery stores, farmers markets, farm and produce stands, food banks, convenience stores and other establishments that sell canned foods, dry goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and poultry and any other household consumption, such as cleaning products.
  • Subsistence cultivation, including agriculture, livestock and fishing.
  • Businesses that provide food, housing, social services and other necessities of life.
  • Newspapers, television, radio and other media.
  • Service stations and self-supply, self-repair and related facilities.
  • Hardware stores.
  • Contractors and other tradespeople, appliance repair personnel, exterminators and other services required to maintain a residence.
  • Companies providing mail and shipping services, including post office boxes.
  • Private colleges, trade schools, and technical colleges, but only as needed to facilitate distance learning.
  • Laundromats, dry cleaners and laundry service providers.
  • Restaurants (for take-out and/or delivery only).
  • Distribution of school meals.
  • Office supply stores.
  • Businesses that provide other essential businesses with the support or supplies needed to operate and do not interact with the public.
  • Businesses that ship or deliver groceries, food, goods or services directly to residences.
  • Airlines, taxis and other private transportation providers by car, truck, bus or train.
  • Home care for the elderly, adults or children.
  • Assisted living facilities, retirement homes and day care centers for adults and residences for the elderly.
  • Professional services, such as law or accounting firms, when necessary to help comply with legally mandated activities.
  • Landscaping and swimming pool maintenance companies.
  • Daycare centers that meet certain conditions.
  • Businesses operating at any airport, seaport or other government facility, including parks and government offices.
  • Pet supply stores.
  • Logistics providers including warehouses, trucking, consolidators, fumigators and material handlers.
  • Telecommunications providers.
  • Propane and natural gas companies.
  • Office and administrative support required to perform any of the above tasks.
  • Open sites.
  • Architectural, engineering or surveying services.
  • Factories, manufacturing facilities, bottling plants, other industrial uses.
  • Waste management service.
  • Any company that interacts with customers solely by electronic or telephone means and that delivers products by courier, shipping or delivery services.

DeSantis’ order says the Florida Department of Emergency Management and the Florida Department of Health will release all approved additions to the list.

To view the list from the United States Department of Homeland Security, go to here.

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Michelle J. Kelley