Journalists and people associated with essential services can drive their vehicles without special permission on election day: EC – myRepublica

KATHMANDU, November 12: The Electoral Commission (EC) has decided to allow transport services related to essential supplies, medical services and journalists to circulate their vehicles on the day of the November 20 elections, even without “special pass”.

The EC said journalists can use their vehicle for reporting purposes simply by presenting their identity card issued by the relevant media outlets. Previously, in almost all elections, journalists were required to take special permits issued by the EC or the district administration office.

However, the EC cautioned against misusing privileged vehicles to ferry voters from place to place.

Here are the lists of services that do not need to take special permissions from government authorities on the day of the November 20 House of Representatives and provincial assemblies elections.

-Ambulance transporting the sick, firefighters and vehicles transporting corpses

-Drinking water supply and garbage collectors

-Milk Supply

– Holders of press cards issued by the Department of Information and Broadcasting and provincial authorities and holders of identity documents issued by press houses registered with the Press Council of Nepal.

-Telecommunications and cable television services

-Physicians, health workers and related officials

– EC issued identity holders for observers and election monitoring officers

-Vegetables, fruits and electricity

-Diplomats and heads of UN agencies and development partners

– Tourist carriers with green license plates

– Security forces

-Officials and volunteers assigned to voting centers

Michelle J. Kelley