Karnataka: essential service shops, construction activities allowed on weekdays

In a new order, the Karnataka government clarified that only shops dealing with the sale and provision of essential services will be allowed to operate on weekdays until May 4. Besides these shops, the government has also allowed activities related to construction and industries, but on the condition that employers strictly adhere to Covid-appropriate behavior.

On April 20, the state government had imposed new restrictions for weekdays (Monday to Friday) to contain the spread of Covid-19. The government said the guidelines would remain in effect until 6 a.m. on May 4.

What is not allowed on weekdays:

Schools, colleges, educational/training/training institutions, etc. will remain closed.

Online/distance learning should continue to be allowed and should be encouraged.

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All movie theaters, shopping malls, gymnasiums, yoga centers, spas, sports complexes, stadiums, swimming pools, entertainment/amusement parks, clubs, theaters, bars and auditoriums, meeting rooms and similar venues will remain closed. (Swimming pools approved by the Swimming Federation of India remain open to sportsmen for training purposes only.)

All social/political/sporting/entertainment/academic/cultural/religious/other gatherings and large congregations will not be permitted.

All religious places/places of worship will be closed to the public. However, all staff engaged in the service of the place of worship must continue to perform their rituals and duties without involving any visitors.

What is allowed:

Stadiums and playing fields will be permitted for the organization of sporting events and for practice purposes, without spectators.

Restaurants and restaurants are allowed to operate and only take-out (parcels) are allowed.

All construction activities, civil repair activities are allowed.

Work relating to the preparation before the monsoon is authorized.

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All industries/industrial establishments/production units are allowed to operate with proper Covid behaviors. Movement of personnel is authorized on presentation of a valid identity document/authorization issued by the establishment concerned.

Shops, including ration shops (PDS), dealing with food, groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairies and dairies, meat and fish, animal fodder are permitted.

Wholesale vegetable/fruit/flower markets will be allowed to operate from open spaces/playgrounds strictly adhering to Covid appropriate behaviors. The change process must be completed by April 23.

Restaurants and canteens only allowed to take away.

Accommodation Hotels are permitted with services for customers only.

Free-standing liquor stores and outlets/bars and restaurants are permitted for take-out only.

All food processing and related industries are allowed to operate.

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Banks, insurance offices and ATMs are allowed.

Print and electronic media allowed.

Delivery of all items via e-commerce is permitted.

Capital and debt market services and notified by the Securities and Exchange Board of India are permitted.

Licensed cold storage and warehousing services.

Authorized private security services.

Hair salons/salon/beauty salons are permitted strictly adhering to Covid appropriate behaviors and guidelines issued by the Department of Health and Family Welfare.

All businesses and establishments dealing with construction materials are authorized.

All shops/commercial/private establishments except those mentioned above will remain closed.

All establishments, where possible, should encourage employees to work from home.

All private offices/organizations/institutions/businesses should be allowed to operate with minimal force to the extent possible. Wherever possible, working from home should be encouraged.

Only essential employees/staff of IT and ITeS companies should work from their desks. Rest will work at home.

All telecommunications and Internet service providers and companies providing related services to telecommunications and Internet service providers are authorized to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with unrestricted movement of personnel and vehicles.

All government offices/autonomous bodies/public corporations, etc., should operate with 50% staff and the remaining 50% of staff should be deployed for Covid-19 containment and management purposes.

Courts and offices related to judicial work must operate in accordance with guidelines issued by the Karnataka High Court.

All offices of the Government of India, its autonomous/subordinate offices, defence, emergency and essential services and public enterprises must operate in accordance with the guidelines issued by the relevant departments.

Petrol/diesel pumps, filling stations must be fully operational.

There will be no restrictions on interstate and intrastate movement of people and goods. No separate electronic authorization/approval/permit will be required for such movements. However, persons from other states must strictly adhere to the prevailing guidelines/SOPs issued by the Karnataka Department of Health and Family Welfare.

The movement of people on public transport (subway, KSRTC, BMTC, NEKRTC, NWKRTC, private buses, trains, taxis, including taxi aggregators, auto rickshaws, etc., is permitted by observing appropriate Covid behavior .

The number of people traveling in buses, maxicabs, temporary travelers and the metro must be 50% of the seating capacity and other vehicles must comply with the seating capacity stipulated by the RTO.

There must be free movement of all types of goods and commodities.

All agricultural and related activities are permitted outside the containment zones.

All health services (including AYUSH and veterinary hospitals), including pharmacies, must remain fully functional outside of containment areas.

Weddings are permitted strictly adhering to appropriate Covid-19 behavior with a maximum of 50 people.

Cremation/funeral cremation/funeral allowed with a maximum of 20 people.

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