Lankan essential service workers will not take part in May 6 strike

Colombo, May 4 ( Representatives of unions in a number of essential services have said they will not support the strike which is expected to be launched on May 6. The strike will cause inconvenience to the general public and only contribute to limited political gains, they said. They would take all necessary measures to provide their services without interruption, the unions added.

Union representatives voiced these views during a meeting with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa at the President’s House in Colombo Fort on Tuesday. They told the president that the planned strike was not for workers’ rights but for the benefit of certain political parties.

The strike aims to exacerbate the current economic crisis and oppress the people. It is the duty and responsibility of all employees to understand the situation and to ensure that people’s lives are not affected.

The President underlined the need to adopt new methods and overcome political divisions to overcome the economic crisis. The political motive behind the strikes is to intensify the economic crisis, he said. It is vital not to allow institutions to collapse.

The President thanked the workers who fulfilled their duty despite the April 28 strike and asked all unions to understand the situation and provide the necessary assistance to the people to lead a normal life.


Michelle J. Kelley