No Covid concession for essential service staff in Karnataka – The New Indian Express

Through Express press service

BENGALURU: A day after issuing new guidelines to contain the spread of Covid, the state government issued an order on Wednesday making it mandatory for all employees in departments that provide essential services to work from the office, while other departments may operate with 50 percent strength of Class B through D employees.

A circular issued by Chief Secretary P Ravikumar said the state government was taking all measures to prevent Omicorn cases. However, there is still much to be done to control the rise of Karnataka. In this regard, employees, including senior civil servants, working in various government departments under essential services, including health and police, must work from the office. Employees, other than those in Group A, in non-essential departments can work with 50% attendance, the circular says.

The circular also insists on the granting of concessions to mothers with physical and visual disabilities who are waiting to go to the offices. This circular is applicable until 18 January. There is no concession for other employees.

In line with guidelines issued on Tuesday, all offices will operate five days a week Monday to Friday for two weeks and the Government Secretariat will operate with officials below the rank of Under-Secretary at 50% of the workforce.

Michelle J. Kelley