Purolator urges government to vaccinate essential staff

Purolator is urging all levels of government to prioritize Covid-19 vaccinations for drivers, sorters, mechanics and other key operational personnel in the courier and transportation industry, as officials are considering phase two of the province’s vaccine rollout strategy.

The company has reached out to public health organizations to discuss how it can expedite vaccine accessibility for its employees and other essential workers across the country. This includes on-site vaccination clinics at various Purolator locations.

John Ferguson, President and CEO, Purolator

John Ferguson, President and CEO of Purolator, said, “We’re proud to play a key role in helping hospitals, long-term care homes and other primary care facilities get the essential supplies they need. they need to provide care to the most vulnerable people. We want to make sure our frontline employees stay healthy so they can continue to serve Canadians and keep supply chains moving across the country.

Purolator’s front-line workforce plays a vital role in transporting and delivering essential goods across Canada. The company handles 30,000 healthcare shipments per day and 15,000 in Ontario; makes daily deliveries to 1,100 hospitals and 3,700 long-term care facilities; and delivers regularly to nearly all of Canada’s 2,300 ambulatory care departments and 10,000 pharmacies.

During the pandemic, the organization has maintained the health and safety of its staff as its top priority, providing employees with three hours of paid time off for immunization appointments, sick leave, paid personal days, and terms and conditions. flexible work.

If it is successful in helping its employees vaccinate quickly through pop-up on-site vaccination clinics, the organization plans to fund all costs and comply with all associated data, process, and professional requirements. health.

Michelle J. Kelley