Save Our Jobs, Advocate for ‘Desperate’ EOH Employees Providing ‘Essential Services’ to City of Joburg

  • A group of EOH employees who have been stationed in the city of Johannesburg for several years have written to the company’s board and management team demanding that their jobs be saved.
  • They are in the last week of their notice period before layoff.
  • The letter comes as an IT support contract between EOH and the City of Johannesburg is set to end – but employees believe management could have done more to ensure the contract continued.

A group of EOH employees have written to the company’s board and management team with a ‘sincere’ and ‘desperate’ plea to save their jobs, as the termination date of a IT support contract with the city of Johannesburg is approaching.

The letter, dated April 21, 2021, is written on behalf of a group of employees who have been stationed in the Johannesburg City offices for several years, performing what they describe as “essential services required for the proper functioning and proper functioning of CoJ”.

Employees want EOH’s leadership and board to take action to ensure the City of Johannesburg’s IT support contract continues.

According to the letter, they are aggrieved that EOH said it still intended to pursue government contracts but, in their view, did not do enough to “pursue SAP support opportunities” that would help save their jobs. They say the company did not “exploit its competitive advantage enough” to secure the renewal of its contract.

He wants the compression process to be stopped.

“Imminent billing crisis”

The team says they provide a highly specialized service to the City and that they alone have the skills to support the custom SAP system introduced at the CoJ 13 years ago.

“If these services are not provided, the CoJ will experience billing and billing issues that will lead to another billing crisis in the city,” the letter states.

However, they are currently serving the last week of their notice period before the dismissal. A section 189 process began just under three months ago.

“We are writing to you under duress and concern regarding the current situation we face as EOH SAP Support Team and ask that you consider our views without prejudice and look forward to your intervention and your assistance to protect our employment at EOH,” the letter reads.

He describes “blood, sweat [and] sleepless nights” as well as “personal sacrifices”, which employees say have contributed to the smooth running of the city of Johannesburg.

On Wednesday, EOH agreed to reimburse more than 40 million rand on contracts awarded by the Ministry of Defense which were found to be irregular by an investigation by the Special Investigations Unit.

Fin24 recently reported that, according to EOH CEO Stephen van Coller, the company had reached a milestone, including closing “the eight problematic public sector contracts that had given it trouble”.

An additional request for comments has been sent to EOH. If a response is received, this article will be updated.

Michelle J. Kelley