STAY AT HOME UNLESS… Essential services | Additional News

We are returning to the mode of staying at home and working from home.

From May 8 to May 23

Do not allow takeout from the curb side of the restaurant or on-site dining.

Do not allow restaurant delivery services.

All establishments to which we grant exemptions must close at 8 p.m.

– Public transport – 50%.

– Persons should not be in any workplace unless they are on a specified list, which will be published in the regulations.

– Number of people gather in public places at five.

– This does not apply to some of the places where it is allowed to remain open such as banks, grocery stores and pharmacies where there must be queues outside, and internal movements of these places must be 50%.

– Outside of these banks, grocery stores and pharmacies, social distancing is mandatory and wearing a mask is mandatory.

Some of the exemptions granted to these essential services with the exercise of social distancing and the wearing of masks

– Judicial power: magistrates, court of cassation, industrial tribunal, equal opportunities commission, courts, tax appeal commission, judicial services,

– sittings of the House of Parliament, meetings of the Cabinet or any committee meeting, sittings of the THA, meetings of the Assembly or of committees

– the operations of the Diplomatic Corps

– Primary emergency services: public and private emergency ambulance services, all emergency call centers

– TTPS, Defense Forces, Fire, Immigration, Intelligence Services, Correctional Services, Children’s Homes

– Concierge and maintenance services concerning health services, hospital, water, electricity, fire, sanitation, civil aviation, telecommunications

– WASA and TTEC workers

– Health service workers

– Allow only the provision of dental, ophthalmology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy

– Essential janitorial and maintenance services for private condominiums, townhouses, residences, private and public facilities

– Domestic workers and gardeners who are employed at home

– Private security companies, estate gendarmes, special reserve and municipal police

– Social workers and social service workers and caregivers

– Employees providing services in hardware, electrical and plumbing establishments (closing at 8 p.m.)

– Financial and insurance services with provision for those who are essential employees

– Electricians, plumbers, exterminators on a needs/emergency basis

– Retail services – discount stores, including Pricemart, only to sell essential groceries and services and at 50% capacity

– Markets, fruit stalls or shops, vegetable stalls or shops, bakeries, pharmacies and salons for the supply of food, medicine and other necessities of life

– Wholesale stores for the supply of food, medicine and other necessities of life

– Ministries

– Manufacturing, transport and logistics services for certain areas

– Emergency auto repair and maintenance

– Manufacture and distribution of food and beverage products, pharmaceutical products, as well as its packaging and bottling

– -Employees who maintain aircraft, seagoing vessels

– employees of press houses

– services related to food, beverages, agriculture and fishing

– agricultural workers, production and packaging of animal feed

– -zoo or animal shelter employees

– -employed in the production and supply of medical supplies, and the maintenance and repair of medical equipment, and other services for the medical sector

– -workers who supply wholesalers with groceries, markets, fairs

– -energy sector

– -service stations and local markets attached to service stations close at 8 p.m.

–hotels, guesthouses, eco-lodges, UWI seismic research unit

Michelle J. Kelley