Strike banned in 25 essential services – myRepublica

KATHMANDU, June 11: The government has banned strikes for any reason in 25 most essential service sectors.

The Home Office published a notice in the National Gazette prohibiting a shutdown or strike in 25 different sectors of the most essential services. The government has exercised the rights granted by section 3(1) of the Essential Services Operation Act, 2014 BS.

The strike is not allowed in the postal, telegraphic and telecommunications services, transport (transport of goods by land, river and air), surveillance, operation and maintenance of offices and aircraft of the aviation, airfield services, stations and transportation and loading and unloading goods from government warehouses and printing or printing government.

Likewise, no obstruction is permitted in services related to government defense management, including the manufacture, storage and supply of arms and ammunition or other military logistics.

Similarly, strikes are prohibited in services relating to communications, internal security, the operation and supply of drinking water, tourist residences, motels, hotels, restaurants and resorts.

As stated in the notice, the import, transport, storage and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (cooking gas) must not be hindered.

Services related to the operation of hospitals and health centers (ambulance service), the manufacture and supply of medicines, as well as the collection, transport, treatment, waste management, construction of landfills and the construction of other necessary infrastructure, including services related to the waste management sector must not be affected by a strike or closure.

Strike is prohibited in the import, transport, storage and supply of daily consumer goods (foodstuffs, pulses, rice, salt and edible oil) and in the supply of banking, insurance and electricity services .

Sectors prohibited from striking also include weather forecasting services, veterinary services, internet and passport services and consular services and services related to masks and hand sanitizers.

Michelle J. Kelley