Uttarakhand: CM Dhami orders officials to provide essential services to people at their doorstep

Emphasizing good governance, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Wednesday asked officials to come up with a plan to deliver essential services to people on their doorstep. Chief Minister Dhami held a meeting with Secretariat officials on Wednesday on good governance.

He said good governance should be seen at the lower level of administration. Admins need to go to the last person standing in the back row and make sure their issues are resolved. The Chief Minister has ordered that complaints received on CM Helpline 1905 and Apni Sarkar Portal be resolved. In the event of excessive waiting, the accountability of the agents concerned will be ensured.

“People should be provided with maximum convenience. Procedures related to the public should be simplified. Unnecessary formalities should be eliminated. Every Monday, at the level of the secretary, the handling of public grievances related to his department should be reviewed,” he told officials. The Chief Minister said good governance should be felt by the people. He called for effective and continuous monitoring at every level. More services should be added in the Apni Sarkar portal.

Dhami ordered officials to make a plan for people to get services at home. “A solid plan should be prepared to deliver essential services to the common people door to door. First, it should be executed on a pilot basis, it can be fully implemented after achieving better results. This will also provide jobs for the state’s youth,” he said.

The chief minister said senior officers should motivate children by going to public schools. Dhami said senior officers should visit public schools from time to time and teach children. “Good governance is only possible when the behavior of each of us improves and we become sensitive to the problems of ordinary people. Public service should be our mission. Particular attention should be paid to the results of programs “, he added.

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Michelle J. Kelley