Vaccination of staff: Companies prepare to give reminders to essential staff

Companies that employ essential and frontline workers are preparing for booster doses, 100% vaccination and stepping up other measures to keep staff safe while continuing their economic and business activities, as India stares at a third wave of the pandemic caused by Omicron.

Companies like Amazon,

, Flipkart, Urban Company and CIEL are awaiting final guidance from the government on the gap between the second dose and the “precautionary” doses for the Covid vaccine. Several of them said they would immediately deploy boosters once there is clarity.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that frontline workers and healthcare workers would receive booster doses from January 10. India has also started vaccinating the 15 to 18 age group from Monday.

Security services company SIS, which employs 230,000 people, all of whom are essential workers, has already compiled a list of employees, who have received their second dose of vaccine, at dosing intervals of 180, 150, 120 and 90 days , to keep track of who should receive booster doses first. The company plans to carry out the campaign as soon as it receives final guidelines from the government, said group chief executive Rituraj Sinha.

He said 96% of his workforce was doubly vaccinated and the remaining employees would complete their vaccinations within a week.

Amazon is expanding its team vaccination programs to more cities and towns. “We are evaluating options to support our frontline teams with booster doses through incentives and reimbursements, as government guidelines and eligibility are declared,” a spokesperson said. .

Urban Company has also reinforced security measures. Nikhil Shanker, Customer and Partner Experience Manager, said 85% of his partners were double vaccinated, which would increase to 90% within a week.

Companies are also running awareness campaigns, such as Flipkart which holds daily huddle and radio jockey sessions in addition to initiatives such as Safekart and Suraksha to reiterate Covid safety protocols to employees.

“We have deployed an audit process to constantly improve our security protocols. We continue to work closely with central and state governments,” a Flipkart spokesperson said.

At CIEL HR Services, approximately 88% of frontline staff are double vaccinated and the goal is to vaccinate 100% this month. “We are working with our customers on rolling out booster doses,” CEO Aditya Mishra said.

TeamLease Services is designed to support booster dose deployment for frontline workers wherever mass deployment is needed. “We have initiated constant messaging with our frontline essential services staff to encourage them to sign up directly for the booster dose,” said co-founder Rituparna Chakraborty. It will take advantage of links with hospitals and other authorities.

“As long as we continue to vaccinate, wear masks, disinfect and maintain social distance, we can continue the return to near-normal with caution. This is the goal of our communication with our staff,” Chakraborty said.

Michelle J. Kelley